STABILO Boss Original Highlighter Pen

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Design Classic in stylish pastel colors

Pastel tones are undoubtedly one of the major fashion trends. Pink, lilac, light blue and mint green are just some of the colors that are able to make any accessory more delicate. With 14 beautiful pastel colors we turned our STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL into an exciting accessory that allows you to really express yourself.

40 years later, the flat, chubby highlighter still has many imitators. And to this day it remains the highlight of an entire product category.

Why is the cap of the STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL black and does not match the ink color. 

STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL has been a very successful product for more than 40 years. One factor of its success is its unique design. The black cap is a copyrighted design feature and therefore we intend to keep this color concept in future.

A similar STABILO product, the STABILO LUMINATOR highlighter, features a cap which matches the ink color and has an XXL ink tank. 

With a fresh highlighter ink stain, it is important to remove the excess ink which has not yet been absorbed into the fibres while it is still moist. This is done by putting a piece of dry, absorbent fleece on the stain and using a damp piece of fleece applied to the rear side of the material to press the ink out of it and into the dry fleece. The dry fleece immediately absorbs and wicks away the excess ink, which prevents the stain from spreading further. When no more ink can be pressed into the dry fleece using this method, only the ink which has already soaked into the fibres will be left. It is important that the material is then washed immediately. Some customers report treating the material with ox-gall soap before washing it, with significantly improved results.